This is the pick-up line a friend suggested for me while in Beijing. We all know Beijing is renowned for its terrible pollution. AQI = air quality index. 0-50 is generally a good range, and apparently breathing 100+ air for five hours is the equivalent of smoking a cigarette. On that note, Beijing likes to […]

“Hi, my name is x. Nice to meet you. Where do you live?” Nope, not stalker-ish or creepy apparently. Completely typical greeting. Unless all of the employees at Mayer Brown JSM are in on one giant conspiracy to find out where I live. For the record, I live with my grandparents in the south of […]

I couldn’t stay away, so the fun continues! Despite the fact that China is a second home to me (or first…we poor Third Culture Kids are always confused on this point), there are simply too many oddball happenings for me to not share them. Anyway, there are a surprising number of similarities between China and […]

It’s been well over a month now since I left study abroad; this post has been a long time coming. The final, this-is-what-I-learned/this-is-why-I’m-a-more-mature-human-being-now/this-is-the-meaning-of-life post. Who knows about all that, but considering I’m already in a new phase of the international lifestyle (interning in Beijing), it’s time let go of Amman and this blog. At least […]

I chose CIEE’s Diplomacy and Policy Studies program in Amman over a program in Irbid for several reasons. Firstly, I knew Amman was more Westernized and less conservative, and so I had more confidence in my ability to adapt to living in Amman. Secondly, Irbid was supposedly extremely lacking in the entertainment department. Finally, its […]

The length of this post about Dubai will be reflective of the length of my visit there – just two and a half short days, over the course of a weekend. Yet it seemed long enough. People say there isn’t much to do in Dubai, but I suppose that all depends on the size of your […]

When I told my mom during my freshman year that I was struggling in my Arabic class, she responded, “That’s alright. You never were very good at math.” (She thought I had said “algebra.”) After realizing that no, I was in fact studying the language, her next thought was: “Is it because you’re dating an Arab boy?!” […]